August 31, 2013

RRO is trying to find radio contacts and media sources that might be able to help with the new “Renaissance Rock Orchestra” crowdfunding program to complete the RRO album. This campaign on will begin September 20th and run through Oct. 20th.

Radio, print, TV, blogs, emails, ezines, posts …anything ,anywhere would be so helpful and very appreciated! If you have any ideas PLEASE LET US KNOW! Thank you.

Keyboardist Gregg Fox says “Pledgemusic” is the future of the music industry! It allows us to create something very beautiful and unusual and to bring the music straight to the fans! As a pledger, you will gain access to exclusive content and experiences and we will keep you informed of the project’s status every step of the way.”

To write and record a rock symphony with full orchestration and well known special guest star artists is a MAJOR undertaking and comes with a tremendous financial commitment and as a “pledger” you will receive exciting exclusive merch packages and receive digital downloads of the EP and the album prior to it being released to the general public. Anyone who pledges over $100 will receive a thank you on the album. Once RRO makes its goal 5% of any additional money raised will be going to the well known, reputable charity “Compassion International”.

Gregg says “The upcoming list of well known guest star artists for the rest of this album reads like a who’s who of music and is sure to help create some amazing and potentially historic music. With your help we even plan to have the Prague Symphony record with us! Thank you all very much for helping us bring this exciting project to the world!”