Long Ago IN TIMES OF OLDE there was Magic in the Air.  A new day dawned with a Song of Hope and music was everywhere…

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Renaissance Rock Orchestra’s music combines elements of classic rock, progressive metal and symphonic influences into a highly energetic and beautiful blend of powerful, spellbinding rock majesty. Recordings and concerts by this “Super Group” include performances by legendary rock artists such as Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees:

Also featuring amazing musicians such as: 

RRO delivers melodic, technically brilliant, and dynamic music that takes you through time and space for a musical experience beyond mere imagination. With influences from bands such as Yes, Dream Theater, Symphony X and Trans-Siberian Orchestra, RRO has created a powerful symphonic-rock sound, combining elements from the classical, prog and metal elite — forging them into their own shimmering blade of sonic metal. 

RRO performances are known for being highly energetic sonic and visual experiences with a live orchestra, state-of-the-art digital graphics and sound, and often include elaborate theatrical presentations with dancers and actors.

RRO’s In Times of Olde has broken new ground in the world of progressive metal and symphonic rock.  It is a definite “must-have” for anyone who is into powerful and epic melodic metal.

We are excited about the response and feedback this orchestra is receiving from fans worldwide and we look to the future with huge vision and great anticipation.

We hope to see you at one of our shows soon!