What’s Happening

Well, we are both ahead AND behind schedule! 3 RRO songs have been released so far:

  1. Johann Sebastian Rock
  2. First Light
  3. J.S. Rock ( the short version of “Johann Sebastian Rock”)

RRO has the instrumental tracks all recorded for “The Author Of Mystery”! We just need to mix the instrumentals so we can add VOCALS!! (Yes, this will be our first song released with vocals and we REALLY think you’re going to LOVE the special guest star artist we are bringing on board for this momentous event! We’re very happy to announce that the drum tracks on “Mystery” were performed by monster drummer Brian Tichy from Foreigner, Whitesnake and Billy Idol!

You can now hear The Renaissance Rock Orchestra on Jango.com radio!

The song “Alexanders’ Symphony” will be our next release and will feature Slash drummer Brent Fitz! This should be released sometime in August! The bass track was performed by Francesco DiCosmo from Evanesence and Thin Lizzy! Thank you Francesco and Brent!

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You can now hear RRO on College Underground Radio too! (Send them REQUESTS!)

Help us get airplay on your favorite station! Let us know who and where! (and send them REQUESTS!) Send info to – airplay@renaissancerockorchestra.com

Your donations and contributions help get this music recorded and released ASAP! Please help support the art of this rock orchestra and enable us to keep making music you love! We appreciate your support….immensely!

Gregg Fox – RRO Keyboardist and Creator