“The Author Of Mystery”

Our new song “The Author Of Mystery” on our EP “The White Gate Trilogy” features Survivor/MSG vocalist Robin McAuley, monster drummer Brian Tichy from Whitesnake/Foreigner and a blazing guitar solo by master guitarist George Lynch.

Guitarist George Lynch
This epic progrock piece also includes brilliant performances by keyboardist/composer Gregg Fox, bassist/associate producer Michael “Bones” Gerbino and guitars by Steve Conley (Flotsam and Jetsom/F5).

The song has 2 story lines going on in different sections which intertwine and end up giving the song even greater meaning.

The First component is the “Verse”. It is taken from an interesting article I found in the news a few years back about a strange incident that occurred in a small English village where people awoke suddenly one morning to find strangely carved rocks with faces and strange symbols carved on them and a riddle left behind with each one. This continued over a several month period of time and I’ve written a “narrative” of the various thoughts of the citizens in regards to this event.

The Second component is the “Chorus” which is about the mystery of life and about God’s role in our universe.

These two components wrap around each other in a parallel manner the Verse story coincides with the Chorus and the “mystery of life” concept and the “Author Of Mystery” in MY “Chorus” storyline, is God.

The planet spins,
suns and sons
are born to live and die.
The cosmos grow,
that’s all man knows,
of who, or where or why.
Divine in soul,
but mortal shell.
What lies beyond no one can tell.
But millions have all traveled on,
dust to dust, a timeless song.

As we fly through the heavens,
never knowing why.
On this tiny little marble,
that floats here in the sky.
You’ll see a smirk in the reflection,
shining from on high.
But the Author Of this Mystery, will smile…. 
…but not reply…

The concept and storyline in no way is my opinion of the nature of God or his existence but is meant only as a spark to trigger your own thoughts and feelings on God and the “mystery of life”.
– Keyboardist/composer Gregg Fox

Drummer Brian Tichy