Drummer – Alan White

Alan-WhiteOne of my favorite things to share as the creator, composer and ‪#‎keyboardist‬ of the Renaissance Rock Orchestra is the ongoing development and recognition of this project as it continues to grow …and particularly when I get to make an official announcement regarding our expanding membership of guest artist performances. Today is an exceptional thrill for me as I’ve been an advocate, evangelist and fan of the band Yes FOREVER!

So it is with great joy and gratitude that I get to release the news that Alan White, Yes drummer extra-ordinaire is currently recording tracks for our song, …MY song, “Secrets In The Sand”! Needless to say I am thrilled and ecstatic!

Here’s a bit more about this remarkable musician’s amazing story and legacy-

Alan White is an English rock drummer and songwriter best known for his work with the progressive rockband Yes. White was also a member of the Plastic Ono Band, playing live in 1969 at the Toronto Rock and Roll Revival, which was recorded and released three months later as Live Peace in Toronto 1969. In all, White has appeared on over fifty albums with artists including John Lennon, George Harrison, Joe Cocker, Ginger Baker, and The Ventures.

In 1969, White received a call from John Lennon (he thought it was a prankster), asking him to join the Plastic Ono Band for a show that became the hit album, Live Peace in Toronto 1969. He also performed with Lennon on the Imagine album and the single, “Instant Karma”. When Lennon introduced White to George Harrison, he was asked to perform on the All Things Must Pass album. In late 1969, White joined Ginger Baker’s Air Force with Steve Winwood.

With Yes
In 1972, White was touring with Joe Cocker when he received an invitation to join Yes, to replace Bill Bruford who had left to join King Crimson. Three days after meeting with Jon Anderson and Chris Squire, White played at the first show of the group’s US Close to the Edge tour. Despite the fact that White had spent time in the studio with the band and even tried playing some of the Close to the Edge material, it was still a substantial challenge for him to learn the band’s live set in just three days. White and the band gave each other three months to see if he fitted in, and some 40 years later, he has appeared on every Yes album since.

In addition to his drum playing, White has played piano and written music for several Yes albums.

Alan, thank you SO MUCH for your participation in this visionary project. This is quite a day for me…. no words can express what this means to me…

– RRO composer & keyboardist Gregg Fox